Current Openings:

Title:                         EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR


Status:                                                             Full-time, Exempt


Reports To:                                                    Board through the President


Minimum Education Required:                 Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution (historically-related preferred, but                                                                             not required)



1.      Knowledge of, and/or experience with, general management principles and the supervision of personnel.

2.      Familiarity with Lorain County and its history and with the Society and its goals.

3.      Ability to promote the Society’s interests in a wide variety of forums.

4.      Ability to raise funds for its operation and endowment.

5.      Ability to write effective grant applications.

6.      Ability to formulate policy, define goals, and generally exercise leadership.


Duties and Responsibilities:

1.      Supervise assigned staff members, in accordance with their Position Descriptions and the Personnel Policy.

2.      Oversee the general administration of the Society including all office functions.

3.      Oversee the operation of the Hickories Museum, The Lorain County History Center, and the Johnson Family Library.

4.      Oversee the collection, maintenance, and preservation of historical artifacts, documents, and photographs.

5.      Oversee the maintenance of all LCHS buildings and grounds.

6.      Oversee and coordinate the activities of all LCHS fundraising events.

7.      Serve as an ex-officio member of all LCHS committees, including Board committees, and help to coordinate their activities to achieve their goals.

8.      Endeavor to build the membership and work with the membership of the LCHS.

9.      Oversee the recruiting, training, scheduling, supervising and recognition all volunteers performing work for the Society.

10.  Develop and maintain a system for identifying grant sources, and submitting applications for same.

11.  Develop and maintain the Society’s relationship with other Lorain County historical and genealogical groups, with local governments and community organizations, and with state and national historical organizations.

12.  In conjunction with the accounting firm, oversee the Accounting System by approving all deposits to, and payments from LCHS accounts, and by producing reports for the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors.

13.  Assume other duties as agreed upon from time to time.

To apply for this job, please email your resume to
Resumes due by April 15th.