Educational Services

Education Staff

Janet Bird, Anne Michael and Jim Smith are on staff to serve your program needs. We will tailor requests to be as age appropriate as possible. Most of our existing programs and those in development may be adapted to the elementary, middle school, high school, college and adult audiences. Special groups such as scouts, home schoolers, and other civic clubs are also encouraged to contact us for historical presentations. Programs may be presented at The Hickories, the Lorain County History Center, or at your facility.


The fee is $35 for each presentation and $20 for each presentation for schools within Lorain County. Programs presented outside of Lorain County will require an additional fee. Please call the LCHS office for more information. The tour of The Hickories for school groups is $1.00/person. If there are questions, please the office at 322-3341.


Most of these programs are approximately 45 minutes in length but can be adjusted to fit your needs. Since we are continually updating and developing programs, the list here may not be complete. Call the office at 322-3341 for an updated listing.


Suitcase Museums

Portable presentations with Lorain County artifacts are brought to you by one of our staff and/or an LCHS volunteer.
  • Early Schools: Artifacts illustrate what area schools were like from 1807 to the early 1900s.
  • Frontier Living: Artifacts illustrate the way of life of the early settlers of Lorain County.
  • Native Americans: Artifacts show the way of life of the Woodlands tribes of Lorain County. Included is the story of Scoouwa, the true story of James Smith's days in Lorain County as a captive of the Wyandots.
  • Victorian Clothing: From cloaks to corsets, garments from the late 1800s illustrate the clothing of Victorian women.
  • Victorian Secrets: The "secrets" of Victorian women are revealed through undergarments and other artifacts from the Victorian period.
  • A Century of Classic Hats: About 40 hats from the LCHS collection are used to show the history of many classic hat styles.
  • History of Men's Hats: About 20 men's hats from the LCHS collection and a private collection are used to show the history of men's hat styles (can be combined with Classic Hats program).
  • World War II: Artifacts show what was happening on the home front during the war.
  • A History of Valentines: Lovely antiques valentines are displayed to help tell the history of this romantic tradition.
  • Vintage Purses: The history of the purse is depicted through 25-30 vintage purses of the LCHS collection and a private collection.
  • If the Shoe Fits...: Interesting facts and anecdotes about the history of women's shoe styles will be illustrated through the use of about 35 pairs of shoes from the LCHS collection.
  • Then and Now: Artifacts show how inventions have changed the world. Emphasis is placed on Lorain County inventions/products. 
  • The Love of Lace: Examples of handmade, machine-made and craft lace from the LCHS collection are used to illustrate the basics of lace making and identification.
  • Those Eerie Victorians: This program covers some of the strange and occult beliefs and practices of the Victorian era.
  • Pioneers - Our First Recyclers: Artifacts show how early settlers used and reused local materials.
  • Old Glory: Samples of the many different U.S. flags help to explain its history.
  • History of Games and Puzzles: Examples of many early games and puzzles show how some of these have changed (or not!) over the years.
  • From Candlesticks to Cell Phones: A variety of early telephones, as well as modern ones, are displayed to illustrate the history of the telephone. 
  • Whatzit?: A numberof unusual artifacts are displayed and the audience is asked to guess their use.
  • The Art of Haircraft: This program will show the intricate patterns and tools used in the interesting craft of making hair jewelry. A good number of pieces of hair jewelry will be displayed.

Video Slide Shows

  • The Hickories
  • Cascade Park
  • Lorain County in the Gold Rush
  • Homes of Washington Avenue
  • Elyria City Hall
  • The Ely Women
  • Lorain County History
  • Elyria History/Ely Family
  • Elyria Sports
  • Lorain County History Center
  • Underground RR in Lorain County
  • Homes and Gardens of Early Elyria
  • Elyria in Vintage Postcards
  • Vintage Images of Lorain County
  • A Century Ago
  • Stevan Dohanos: Lorain Artist
  • Elyria Buildings and Bridges
  • Lorain County Historical Markers
  • Lorain County Leaders
  • Native Americans
  • World War II
  • This Day (or Year) in History (needs advance notice)
  • Early Elyria Car Dealerships
  • 1912: The Year of the Titanic
  • The "Progressive" Election of 1912



Length can be adjusted to fit your needs.

  • The Hickories
  • Cascade Park
  • Historical Elyria (Bus or Walking Tour)
  • Walking Tour of Washington Avenue

Speakers Bureau

LCHS staff and volunteers are available for presentations on a variety of topics such as the following:

  • Ohio (or U.S.) Presidents
  • Ohio First Ladies
  • Symbolic Ohio
  • Christmas Gift Bringers 
  • Harriet Ingersoll Nesbett: A Grafton Pioneer
  • Elyrians at Gettysburg
  • Scoouwa: Indian Capivity Story
  • History of African-American Spirtuals
  • Victorian Tea Etiquette
  • U.S. Vice Presidents
  • Auntie Kate (story of Garfords' aunt)
  • Tusseie-Mussies and the Laqnguage of Flowers
  • Civil War 150 (events of the war 150 years ago)
  • Codes in Quilts and Songs on the Underground Railroad
  • The Language of Fans
  • Tea Aboard the Titanic

Youth History Camp

This week-long camp at the end of June focuses mainly on Lorain County history for children ages 6 through 11. For a nominal fee, the campers engage in fun-filled activities while learning history at the same time. This camp generally fills quickly, so watch for the registration information in May or call the office, 322-3341, to receive a mailing.

Do you have new ideas?

We are always searching for new programming ideas, and we encourage you to make suggestions. We welcome your help in the creation of new programs.  Call the office at 440-322-3341 or email: 

The Community Foundation of Lorain County Supports LCHS Educational Outreach

LCHS has received a $13,050 grant from The Community Foundation of Lorain County to continue our Educational Outreach Program during 2014. This support will fund the work of Janet, Jim, and the Lorain County Preservation Network as they provide programming related to preservation and local heritage. We are very pleased that the Community Foundation of Lorain County continues to recognize the value of our Educational Outreach to Lorain County's citizens and we are deeply appreciative of their financial support for LCHS!