Educational Services

Our excellent education staff is ready to meet your needs. Programs are approximately 45 minutes in length. Most can be adapted for elementary, middle school, high school, college and adult audiences. We also happy to provide presentations to groups such as scouts, home schoolers, civic clubs, and associations. Programs may be presented at the Hickories, the Lorain County History Center, or at your facility. The fee is $40 for each presentation and $20 for each presentation for schools within Lorain County. Programs presented outside of Lorain County require an additional fee.

Contact our education staff at or 440-322-3341 for more information or to inquire about a program.

Suitcase Programs

Artifacts from the LCHS collection are the focus of these programs:

Antique Toys
Toys from the LCHS collection range from simple handmade toys and dolls of the early 1800s to toy trucks and porcelain dolls of the early 1900s.

Early Schools
Artifacts illustrate what area schools were like from 1807 to the early 1900s. Also has a PowerPoint component.

Frontier Living
Artifacts illustrate the way of life for the early settlers of Lorain County.

History of Valentines
Vintage valentines are displayed to help tell the history of this romantic tradition.

Native Americans
Artifacts and a PowerPoint presentation illustrate the way of life of the Woodlands tribes of Lorain County.

Then and Now
Artifacts and a PowerPoint presentation show how inventions have changed the world. Emphasis is placed on Lorain County inventions/products.

Victorian Clothing
From cloaks to corsets, garments from the late 1800s illustrate the clothing of Victorian women.

Victorian Secrets
The “secrets” of Victorian women are revealed through undergarments and other artifacts from the Victorian period.

The audience is shown about 25 unusual artifacts from the LCHS collection and is asked to guess how the items were used.

Character Portrayals

All Aboard the Titanic
Carrie Chaffee, formerly of Oberlin, invites the audience to join her for tea (or a book discussion) in the Café Parisienne aboard the Titanic in 1912.

Pamelia Beebe, a Half-Century in Elyria
This presentation tells the story of the wife of one of the first settlers of Elyria and describes life in the beginning of the settlement.

Rose Moriarty, Elyria Suffragette
Elyria’s “Petticoat Mayor” tells about her struggles in 1917 to help get women the right to vote.

Rosie the Riveter/Rally with Rosie
(available until June 2019)
A worker at the Perry-Fay plant in Elyria hosts a War Bond Rally and tells what it was like to be one of the 6 million women in the work force during World War II. May include a PowerPoint component.


Other Programs

Most of these entertaining and informative programs are PowerPoint presentations and may include the display of some artifacts. Those marked with an asterisk (*) have no PowerPoint component.

Amelia Earhart
The story of the life and adventures of this record-setting aviatrix.

Civil War
This program highlights the events of each year of the war.

Christmas Gift-Bringer
The various December gift-bringers of different cultures are compared to the American version of Santa Claus.

Codes in Quilts and Songs on the Underground Railroad
Were quilts and songs actually used as signals on the Underground Railroad? This program will try to separate myth from fact.

Early Medicine of the Pioneers
A look at early medical practices in Lorain County, from Native American remedies to herbal medicine.*

Elyria Buildings and Bridges
The architecture and history of some of Elyria’s significant buildings and bridges.

Elyria and the Elys
The story of the way Elyria developed under the direction and care of several generations of Elys.

Elyrians at Gettysburg
Information will be given about the lives of these soldiers before, during and after the Civil War.

Elyria’s Architectural Styles
This program gives an overview of architectural styles that have appeared in Elyria from 1817 to the 1950s.

From Cleveland to Cooperstown
A listing of the Baseball Hall of Famers who had a connection to the Cleveland area.

From Garfords to Fords: An Automotive History
The history of local automaking from the Elyria-made Garford and the Lorain-made Carroll to the major automakers of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Grace Court: The Best Location in Elyria
Find out about this one block in Elyria from East Avenue to Cedar Street that had beautiful houses and interesting occupants.

History of Games and Puzzles
Examples of many early games and puzzles show how some of these have changed (or not!) over the years.

Homes and Gardens of 19th Century Elyria
Pictures and descriptions from the LCHS archives illustrate the pride 19th century Elyrians took in their homes and gardens.

Homes on Washington Avenue
A virtual tour of the stately and elegant homes that have graced Washington Avenue from the 1850s through the early 1900s.

Judge Findley
The story of this local philanthropist and conservationist explains the origin of Findley State Park in southern Lorain County and the Finwood Estate in Elyria.

Just a Place to Stay out of the Rain
Author Jared Smith talks about the history of the Lorain County Infirmary which he researched for his book with the same title.

Katharine Wright Haskell: Teacher, Suffragette, Loving Sister
Hear about this famous sister and her connections to Lorain County

Legends of Christmas Ornaments
The audience watches a small Christmas tree being decorated while they hear the stories behind about 30 ornaments commonly used at Christmas time.*

Lorain County Fair, the First 100 Years
The history of the Lorain County Fair is told from its beginnings as the Lorain County Agricultural Society in 1833 through its time in Elyria in 1941.

Lorain County Historical Markers
The history of Lorain County is told through the more than 30 historical markers around the county.

Lorain County History Spotlights
This program gives an overview of the history of the county and will spotlight the community, township or school district of your choice.

Notable Women of Lorain County
This program tells the stories of the strong-minded, intelligent and hard-working women who made an impact on Lorain County.

Ohio First Ladies
Stories of the wives of the U.S. Presidents from Ohio.

Ohio’s Presidents
The story of the lives of the 7 U. S. Presidents from Ohio. (With advance notice a program on any U. S. President can be prepared).

Old Glory
Samples of the many different U.S. flags help to explain the history of our Stars and Stripes.*

Patriotic Holidays
This presentation gives a pictorial listing of the many holidays related to significant historical events in the U.S. and an explanation of how they came about.

Quilt Codes on the Underground Railroad: Fact or Fiction?
Were quilts and songs actually used as signals on the Underground Railroad? This program will try to separate myth from fact.

Rosie the Riveter/Rally with Rosie
A worker at the Perry-Fay plant in Elyria hosts a War Bond Rally and tells what it was like to be one of the 6 million women in the work force during World War II. May include a PowerPoint component.

Stevan Dohanos: Lorain Artist
The prolific artwork of Dohanos is featured, focusing especially on the covers he did for the Saturday Evening Post.

Symbolic Ohio
An explanation of the state symbols such as the flag, flower, etc.

Those Eerie Victorians
Describes the occult beliefs and practices of the Victorian era.

Underground Railroad in Lorain County
This gives an overview of the work of the Underground Railroad in the country and then focuses on Lorain County’s involvement.

World War II
The presentation with artifacts shows what was happening on the home front during the war.


Group tours with a minimum of 5 people can be scheduled for $5 per person, $4 for groups of 10 or more. Most tours are approximately an hour in length (unless otherwise noted) but can be adjusted to fit your needs. For individual tours of The Hickories and the Lorain County History Center, check the home page of this website for a listing of times and fees. School group tours of the Hickories are $1 per person.

Elyria’s Downtown Secrets
Learn the secrets or little-known facts about some of the buildings in downtown Elyria. May include a tour of Monteith Hall if desired (additional fee required).

Elyria’s Downtown Walking Tour
This guided tour includes pictures of the Broad Street and Middle Avenue areas that show the changes from the beginning of the settlement to the present day (approximately 1 ½ hours).

Ely Square
This tour focuses on just the area surrounding the land that founder Heman Ely set aside for the common use of the citizens of Elyria.  Pictures will illustrate the changes that have taken place over the years and point out the many buildings on Middle and Broad that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Hickories
Tour the 1895 home of Elyria industrialist Arthur Garford to see the way a wealthy family lived at the turn of the 20th century (not handicapped accessible).

Homes of Washington Avenue

Walk this street as you hear the stories of the prominent families who have had a prestigious Washington Avenue address since it was opened for development in the 1850s. A booklet of pictures will show examples of the homes that are no longer there.

Lorain County History Center
This beautiful Italianate building built in 1857 is the oldest still standing on Washington Avenue and currently houses the offices of the Lorain County Historical Society as well as many displays and exhibits that give an overview of Lorain County history (The building is handicapped accessible.).

Ridgelawn Cemetery
As you walk through the cemetery you will hear the stories of the lives of about 30 Lorain Countians who are buried here (approximately 1 ½ hours)

Contact our education staff at or 440-322-3341 for more information or to inquire about a program.