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Youth History Camp

Fun in the sun with a history twist!

This week-long camp at the end of June focuses mainly on Lorain County history for children ages 6 through 11. History Camp  2018 was held June 18 - 22. We had great activities planned:

Day 1: Lorain County History at the History Center
Take a short walk from the Hickories to visit the Lorain County History Center and participate in activities to learn about the early history of the county.
Day 2: The US in World War II
Discover the reasons for the war and the way soldiers prepared for battle. Campers will get a chance to break the codes and try on some uniforms.
Day 3: World War II on the Home Front
Learn what Lorain Countians were doing during World War II. Campers will learn about rationing, saving for war bonds, and planting a victory garden.
Day 4: You Ought to be in Pictures
Learn how early cameras and stereoscopes worked and how they have changed through the decades.
Day 5: Early Transportation in Lorain County
From buggies to trains, bicycles to autos, learn how Lorain Countians traveled in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

For a better idea of our annual History Camp, download the 2018 History Camp registration form here:
History Camp is supported by the Community Foundation of Lorain County and Nordson Corporation Foundation.