Historic Landmarks Application

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Lorain County Landmark Program Identification and Recognition

 The Lorain County Historical Society has established a program to identify and recognize those buildings, structures, sites and districts that convey Lorain County history. The Lorain County Preservation Network and its participant organizations administer the program.

Building owners must either be the applicant or authorize the applicant to submit the application.* The program will recognize listed landmarks as a contributor of the history of Lorain County, its communities and townships. There are not restrictions on use or alterations attached to this designation. Designation does not convey any property rights. Designation is the owner's recognition for the property and its place in local history.

A committee of network participant organizations will determine property eligibility. The committee will meet at least twice a year, with additional meeting if warranted. When applications are denied staff will explain the decision and action needed to reverse the decision.

An eligible decision will be based on three criteria:

  1. Age: More than 50 years. Documentation will be required.
  2. Significance: Tells a story of the past and contributes to our understanding of community, architectural, industrial, biographical, or other history relevant to the county's past. A property can be significant for its builder, owner, neighborhood, business or other story that can be documented.
  3. Integrity: The building's ability to convey to the observer the characteristics and qualities of the era for which it is significant.
A plaque, designed to convey the building's significance to Lorain County history, will be available for purchase by the owner. Once designated the Lorain County Historical Society will not monitor the property to determine its continued eligibility. If informed that a building is no longer eligible the Historical Society will send a letter to the owner stating the reasons for the withdrawal of eligibility and request that either the plaque be removed or steps be taken to restore eligibility. The building will be removed from the list of county historic landmarks. No further action will be taken.

The Lorain County Historical Society and local historical societies maintain valuable documents and information that will assist applicants with research on their properties. Applicants are encouraged to contact these organizations for assistance. Network staff will be available to view the building and discuss its potential for eligibility.

Participants: Avon Historical Society, Avon Lake Historical Society, Avon Lake Landmark Preservation Society, Brownhelm Historic Association, Charleston Village Society, Inc., City of Elyria, Cleveland Restoration Society, Elyria Landmarks Commission, Friends of 45, Lorain County Community Development Department, Lorain County Historical Society, Lorain Historical Society, Lorain Lighthouse Foundation, Inc., North Ridgeville Historical Society, Oberlin Heritage Center, Sheffield Village Historical Society, Vermilion-on-the-Lake Lot Owners Association.