Ohio State Historic Maker Ceremony at Ridgelawn Cemetery

Elyria, OH (September 17, 2016) — The Lorain County Historical Society will be holding a brief ceremony and unveiling of an Ohio State Historic Marker at the Ridgelawn Cemetery at 1 p.m. on September 20, 2016. This marker is to indicate the final resting place of Edgar "Daddy" Allen and detail some of his many accomplishments. The ceremony at the cemetery will occur near the corner of Ridge St. and Gulf Rd. The public is invited to attend.


Touchscreen Technology has come to LCHS

Elyria, OH (August 31, 2016) — The Lorain County Historical Society (LCHS) has incorporated new interactive devices into its exhibits with the use of touchscreen computers at the Lorain County History Center, located at 284 Washington Avenue, Elyria. The three new devices will help LCHS better present the history of Lorain County with its visitors by interacting on a new level.

The first touchscreen computer is found upon entering the Reception Gallery. It invites visitors to learn more about the family who originally lived in the Starr House and other Lorain County history. This touchscreen displays information in a quiz-like format. This enables the visitor to learn new facts in a fun and informative way.

The second touchscreen is located in the Rotating Gallery. Currently, the touchscreen displays information on the General Industries exhibit. This information is presented in a slide show format enabling visitors to touch through photos, advertisements, timelines, manuals, and other exciting information about General Industries.

The third and newest location of the touchscreen device is located in the revised Lorain County Education exhibit. This touchscreen explores the beginning of many schools in Lorain County from one-room school houses to the birth of public high schools. This comprehensive slide show expands upon the many artifacts and posters about the creation of the wonderful educational systems of Lorain County.

History at the Lorain County Historical Society is only a touch away. Come and explore and learn about Lorain County today at the Lorain County History Center, 284 Washington Avenue, Elyria, Ohio.