Lorain County: The Early Years

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This book is a pictorial history presented by the Lorain County Historical Society.This 128 page, over 200 vintage image, soft cover book was written by William Bird and Robert Ebert and published in August 2014.

$23.00 (add $5 for mailing in the U.S.)

This book is a pictorial history presented by The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram and the Lorain County Historical Society.

Price $42.00 (add $7 FMIUS)

Come One, Come All

$5.00 (add $3 FMIUS)

A history of the Lorain County Fair.

Country Boy

$5.00 (add $3 FMIUS)

Growing Up in Northern Ohio in the 1820s.

City Beautiful in a Small Town

$5.00 (add $3 FMIUS)

The Early History of the Village Improvement Society in Oberlin, Ohio.

The Garford Company and Its Output

$2.00 (add $2 FMIUS)

A reprint of a Garford Company advertisement booklet, makers of motor cars and trucks, Elyria, Ohio.

Indian Hollow Road: Volumes I & II

$17 each volume or $30.00 for the set (add $5 perbook or $8 for the set FMIUS)

by Joanne Meade Webster

Vol. I: Letters and reminiscences tell the story of an average American family as they joined the westward trek between 1828 and 1865. During the Civil War the sons and grandsons fight for the Union cause.

Vol. II: Includes a complete two-volume index of all family names mentioned in the text. Now join those same family members as they struggle with the confusion and antagonisms of the post-war period. As with Volume One, numerous old photographs add much visual impact to the text.

Down Through the Years in Elyria

Hard Cover $32.00 (add $7 FMIUS)

Originally Compiled in 1967 by Katherine G. Thomas, reprinted by Elyria Biographical and Historical Commission.

This publication is great for those who have become interested in researching their family and the history of Elyria and Lorain County, or just for those fascinated by the intriguing stories to be found in this highly detailed publication.

The wealth of Elyria and Lorain County stories, historical data, and family genealogies contained in this remarkable volume are enhanced by the very complete name index; in addition, the Biographical and Historical Commission has supplied ten pages of vintage photos showing the heritage of Elyria and the county.

This publication is printed on acid free paper by offset lithography. Bound in red peroxylin-coated library buckram, it is stamped in rich gold. The end sheets, with which the text and binding are held together, are cloth reinforced. This is a collector's volume, long to be used and admired.

Elyria in Vintage Postcards

Soft Cover $20.00 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Benjamin J. and Anne Fischer Mancine

Elyria was settled on the Black River near two 40-foot waterfalls, which aided milling operations and encouraged industry. Its proximity to Lake Erie further promoted travel and trade. Elyria in Vintage Postcards picks up Elyria's history 90 years after her founding in 1817, when postcards were all the rage. This fashionable mode of communication resulted in the preservation of these images of historic Elyria. This book will take you on a tour of the town through vintage postcards. Visit Elyria's now-defunct movie theaters and hotels during their prime. View Black River bridges, old mills, and an early hydroelectric plant. Discover buildings that were destroyed by fire, bridges destroyed by flood, train wrecks, and devastating snowstorms. And take a rare peek inside Elyria's early businesses, schools, and churches. This book represents the best of the more than 600 postcards in the authors' collection.

Strange Tales from Ohio

$15 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Neil Zurcher

An updated and revised edition of the popular book about Ohio's offbeat history, by Neil Zurcher -- the author of Ohio Oddities and Ohio Road Trips.

Learn why residents of Blueball, Ohio, erected a monument to a pig. Witness the birth of the Inflatoplane (an inflatable airplane, of course) in Akron, and revisit Ohio's last public whipping, near Dayton. Read about the Funeral Home Museum... the Curse of Leatherlips... the world's first recorded automobile accident... the oldest Revolutionary War veteran... cemetery rootbeer... the man who invented disposable diapers...

A treat for anyone who enjoys discovering the real wonders of the Buckeye State!

Ohio Oddities

$15 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Neil Zurcher

The Buckeye State has no shortage of strange, silly, goofy, quirky, eccentric, and just plain weird people, places, and things -- if you know where to look. And no one has looked in more places for Ohio's oddities than Neil Zurcher, the popular Fox 8 TV travel reporter who makes his living on the road seeking out unusual destinations. This book collects the most remarkable things he's found in and about the Buckeye State, including:

The 1858 Oberlin-Wellington Rescue: A Reappraisal

$11 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Ronald M. Baumann.

VHS Video: The History of Lorain County Townships

$11 (add $5 FMIUS)

Compiled by Jim Smith as part of the 2003 Ohio Bicentennial celebration.

The 1924 Tornado in Lorain & Sandusky: Deadliest in Ohio History

$21 (add $5 FMIUS

by Besty D. Annibale

Follow the destruction of an F-4 tornado that changed the lives of thousands of people in Lorain and Sandusky, Ohio.

The Lost Quarry Industry of Indian Hollow and Willow Park - Grafton, Ohio

$15 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Chris Smith & Paul Justy in association with Mike Miller and Joe Filipiak, Sr.

A history of Grafton and Carlisle Township's sandstone quarries with a look into the lives of the early settlers in and around the present day Indian Hollow Reservation.

Transcendent Light: The Windows of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

$4 (add $4 FMIUS)

edited by Douglas R. Hoffman, AIA

A collection of Essays on Stained Glass, the Windows, the Architecture, and the History of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Elyria, Ohio.

Images of America: North Ridgeville

$21 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Carol G. Klear

Using archival photographs, explore the distinctive stories of the past that shaped the character of the North Ridgeville community today.

Images of America: Sheffield Village

$21 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Charles E. Hendendorf in association with the Sheffield Village Historical Society

Using archival photographs, explore the distinctive stories of the past that shaped the character of the Sheffield Village community today.

Sheffield Through Time

$24 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Charles E. Herdendorf

An interesting look at numerous sites in Sheffield with "then and now" photographs. Numerous photos are in color.

Postcard History Series: Lorain The Real Photo Postcards of Willis Leiter

$22 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Albert Doane, Bill Jackson, Paula Shorf, Bruce Waterhouse Jr., and Matthew Weiman

When Willis A. Leiter established his photography studio in Lorain in 1901, he found a thriving community on the shore of Lake Erie. He captured the spirit of the times through his photographs of ship launching, steel production, community events, and charming views of people and places. Many of these postcards survive today, and they provide a unique retrospective view of Lorain during a simpler era.

Images of America: Amherst

$21 (add $5 FMIUS)

by Donna M. DeBlasio, Martha I. Pallante on behalf of the Amherst Historical Society

Using archival photographs, explore the distinctive stories of the past that shaped the character of the Amherst community today.

Postcard History Series: Cleveland and the Western Reserve in Vintage Postcards

$21 (add $5 FMIUS)

by R. Wayne Ayers

Now, through vintage postcards and photos from rare viewbooks, Cleveland and the Western Reserve are recaptured in their glory years by longtime Cleveland resident, communications professional, and history buff R. Wayne Ayers.

Images of America: Lorain

$21 (add $5 FMIUS)

by The Black River Historical Society

Using archival photographs, explore the distinctive stories of the past that shaped the character of the Lorain community today.

Elyria 175, 1817-1992

compiled by The Elyria Historic Book Committee for The Elyria Biographical and Historical Commission

A commemorative book, bound in hardcover, chronologically provides the creation story of Elyria.